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A Clear Guide to App Distribution on iOS


Apple likes to keep a tight control on products made for their platform — unlike the Android marketplace, which is open to most anyone. People can argue about the validity of Apple’s distribution rules all day long, but we simply accept the world as it is and get to work within these constraints.

Book review: Don’t Make Me Think


In terms of books for this field, it’s an oldie — published in 2000 — but it’s a goodie and holds up extremely well. Don’t Make Me Think should be required textbook reading for any UI design or web/app programming course. (It certainly is for mine!)

The 3 Types of Mobile Apps


After a while, I got really, really tired of the catch phrase, “There’s an app for that.” But it’s true! No matter what you’re looking to do from your smartphone, it’s almost guaranteed there will be an app to help you get it done. As users, we actually see 23 individual categories for apps to download in the App Store, from health and fitness to weather. But there are also general design patterns that apps fall into, and that’s where I want to focus, including some thoughts from the great book Designing the iPhone User Experience <link to post on…

Book review: Designing the iPhone User Experience


This book is not about design, user interface, user experience and code. It’s not a technical manual. Rather, it’s a guide to defining functionality, concepting, sketching, prototyping and usability testing. It’s not about physically making an app; it’s the theories and practices behind making an app that users will truly love — and return to again and again.